Packing up my game; heading out West.

(This is, I believe, the only thing that I have in common with Kid “Cowboy” Rock.)

Yes indeed, in about three days I’ll be leaving the east coast FOREVER. Well, for a year. And also, I’ll be back in October. And for Christmas. And so forth.

Nevertheless, it is a big change: from Baltimore, Maryland — home of “The Wire,” fiendishly delicious crabcakes, the best free safety in the NFL, and late-90s pop sensation Dru Hill — to Cheyenne, Wyoming, the “Gateway to the West” and home of Cheyenne Frontier Days, the largest (and oldest? I’ve heard conflicting reports) outdoor rodeo on earth.  

While I make no promises that this blog will be confined explicitly to the transition, and subsequent Wyoming adventures — let’s be honest, I just don’t function between the lines (hence one reason for the title of the site) — it should, generally, chart the absurdities, perplexities, vagaries, felicities, and frenzies of this new chapter. 

Come Saturday — bright and early, and after one so-long O’s game — I’ll be leaving the launchpad, mama in tow, for Indiana and the home of my old roommate from the Northlands; while Said Roommate is currently safari-ing in Namibia with her mom (jealous!), her family was kind enough to offer beds and coffee pots to us travelers. From there, I think the plan is all the way out to Omaha, Nebraska, and then to Wyoming.  So stay tuned!

In a word: hi!


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