Speaking of travel: Argentina?!

Here’s a question — to what extent can you be off-your-rocker in the public sphere and still run for the presidency? Kucinich caught crap about the UFO thing, but I feel like that’s small change compared to actually going AWOL to South America.  Oh, and the affair. So long, glory dreams of Sanford. 

As Olbermann pointed out last night…this weekend was National Hike Naked Day, so they should have known they were going to run into trouble with the Appalachian Trail excuse. 

A few months ago, I was commenting to a professor about the preponderance of strange stories – an “unusual couple days of news,” I said – occurring in the NFL offseason…it was somewhere around when London was (apparently?) angling for a Super Bowl, and two Saints players got charged with indecent exposure, and the whole thing with the Dallas training facility and the tornado…and his response was along the lines of “Dude, it’s always an unusual couple of days of news in the NFL.” Implicitly, the same goes for politics. It must be at least a little bit frustrating to cover the important stories (Iran, healthcare) and not have enough time to do justice to the confluence of GOP asshat-ery that is Sanford/Ensign/half of the NY State Senate (well, MSNBC was all over it tonight…obviously). The NY story is ridiculous on both sides of the aisle. One would think it was the Old West come to the Northeast. What the hell is going on up there?

Tanzania shout out — although Berega is closer to Dar than Karatu, I’ve been to my share of Tanzanian orphanages, and it’s great to see approaches like this that work to create community links.


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