The Indianapolis 630

(As in that’s how many miles we drove today, all across Maryland into West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.)

Highlights include: my mother learning how high up my clutch release is when she revved the engine up to 5000 rpms accidentally; winning a $20 bet about Nick Markakis; crossing the Apps (AKA the only steeps involved in this entire drive); realizing that the signs for Denver and Cove Fort, UT on route 70 near Ellicott City are relevant for the first time in my life; and best of all —

staying in the home of Former Roommate and appreciating her stepdad’s tremendous hospitality in her absence! 

We’ll hit the road at 6:30 AM tomorrow and drive 70 all the way to Omaha. 

Farewell, Baltimore — your lights are on the other side of the mountains now. Forward to the next time zone —


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