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Barry O speaks —

Takeaways: like the smack at Palin/Palinites and the “death panel” BS, thought the ruckus over illegal immigrant coverage was ridiculous, good at being clear on the major points, and I think the public option might be getting ready to exit Stage Left. This idea of a public option “kick in” might be the compromise. Also CBS should have showed more Emanuel. And Charles Boustany (R), an inspiring speaker you are not….and when you opened your mouth, I thought you were going to start singing something from “The Barber of Seville.” So, I’m out.

7:03 — There’s that oratorical baritone….

7:02 — “Markets can crash….the vulnerable can be exploited.” Exhibit A: the last year in the life of America.

7:00 — Did he mention that TR was a Republican who wanted to reform American healthcare yet? I can’t remember. 

6:59 — This is a well-executed step back toward the moral side of this issue. ….no snark on this one.

6:57 — “The character of our country.” Perfect, Teddy. 

6:56 — Ted Kennedy. Here’s the thing — we knew this was going to come up, but all Obama had to do was say his name and I teared up. Me. I only cry during “Gladiator.”

6:55 — “We will call you out.” Buh BAM.


6:53 — I would have clapped there based solely on my love of Kathleen Sebelius. 

6:52 — There are so many sounds echoing around….I feel like the Republicans and Democrats are actually making sounds back and forth like they’re at a football game.

6:49 — Another fun part of presidential addresses to Congress: watching moderates try to decide if they’re going to give a standing ovation to something and half get out of their chair and then sit back down. 

6:48 — “I want to speak directly to seniors for a minute.” CUT TO JOE LIEBERMAN hahahahaha. Also: everyone adjust the volume on your TV set by -10. I swear it just got louder.

6:46 — I like when politicians pull a “Yeah, man, bureaucrats blow!” kind of thing. It’s especially funny in the context of the President addressing Congress. 

6:43 — Yes, thank you for reminding us that most Americans aren’t screeching maniacs running hysterical in the streets and that many are on your side about the public option (yes, drink again). 

6:41 — Public option! Drink!

6:39 — Aaaand a return to Econ 101. Good move. Make it about monopolies! And choice! Americans love choice! Except…oh, well, not a minute ago.

6:38 — Serious commotion over the lack of coverage for illegal immigrants, and a mixed response over no funding for abortions…which: come on, we all knew that. 

6:36 — Um…giggles? Shut up GOP. This is just making you look like you don’t want to be a serious part of this debate. …Oh, wait.

6:34 — Creepy smile, McCain! But good idea?

6:33 — You can tell Pelosi and Biden are both Catholics because they have this whole sit-stand-sit-stand thing DOWN.

6:31 — No one should go broke because they get sick: perhaps my favorite summary of the reasons reform is necessary. Simple, to the point, emphasizes how helpless you can be. 

6:30 — Okay, the thing about making sure you can’t be denied coverage or be dropped for being sick — kind of a gimme. What righty is going to be photographed crossing his/her arms and shaking his/her head in a firm “NO!”…?

6:28 — Perfect application of “bickering” matched up with deepening his register and getting inspiring.

6:26 — The first shot of RAHM. Mmm.

6:24 — Early framing of the healthcare system as economically unsustainable immediately after storytime. I like the approach. 

6:23 — “And no one should be treated that way in the United States of America.” The Irish in me twitched. I love this patriotic application of guilt. LOVE.

6:20 — awww, Dingell gets a standing ovation too.

6:18 — I swear, Nancy Pelosi still has traces of a Baltimore accent. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, since I can’t seem to strike “am-bee-lance.”


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“It’s not about races / Just places, faces.”



Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and now MJ? So many icons gone in one week. I had a short conversation with a friend about famous deaths (via text message, actually – shades of postmodernism…?), and we talked about how odd it is to really mourn someone you’ve never met, someone you identify as important based on connections to an era, or experiences that aren’t shared. Anyway, I mourned both Georges (Harrison and Carlin) pretty hard, feeling it personally, but also because the sense of loss is greater when a person of genius dies. However publicly tragic and troubled Michael Jackson’s life might have been, there is no denying that he was a person of genius.

Hat tip to you, sir. And that’s coming from a Prince fan.

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Speaking of travel: Argentina?!

Here’s a question — to what extent can you be off-your-rocker in the public sphere and still run for the presidency? Kucinich caught crap about the UFO thing, but I feel like that’s small change compared to actually going AWOL to South America.  Oh, and the affair. So long, glory dreams of Sanford. 

As Olbermann pointed out last night…this weekend was National Hike Naked Day, so they should have known they were going to run into trouble with the Appalachian Trail excuse. 

A few months ago, I was commenting to a professor about the preponderance of strange stories – an “unusual couple days of news,” I said – occurring in the NFL offseason…it was somewhere around when London was (apparently?) angling for a Super Bowl, and two Saints players got charged with indecent exposure, and the whole thing with the Dallas training facility and the tornado…and his response was along the lines of “Dude, it’s always an unusual couple of days of news in the NFL.” Implicitly, the same goes for politics. It must be at least a little bit frustrating to cover the important stories (Iran, healthcare) and not have enough time to do justice to the confluence of GOP asshat-ery that is Sanford/Ensign/half of the NY State Senate (well, MSNBC was all over it tonight…obviously). The NY story is ridiculous on both sides of the aisle. One would think it was the Old West come to the Northeast. What the hell is going on up there?

Tanzania shout out — although Berega is closer to Dar than Karatu, I’ve been to my share of Tanzanian orphanages, and it’s great to see approaches like this that work to create community links.

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